Content Placement

This page contains information and terms and conditions for paid content placement cooperation at

What is Content Placement?

Content placement is a form of digital promotional collaboration between bloggers and users of the partnership in the form of article content.

These articles are usually provided directly by cooperative users who are published on blogger blogs, websites, or content space providers here.

Content Placement function

  1. Building and increasing Brand Awareness
  2. Build quality backlinks for company or business blogs/sites/websites
  3. Improve SEO for blogs and websites

Terms and Conditions for Content Placement at

Some of the terms and conditions that you need to know to collaborate on content placement or guest posting on are as follows:
  1. The article/review has been written by ms. word form or google docs
  2. Freehand length
  3. It is mandatory to include a title and 1 image/video
  4. Payment is made, Max. 7 days after the content is published.
  5. For further information, contact via email at

Price for Content Placement Collaboration at

Package Options Price Description
Standart 300,000.00 IDR / 15 USD
for an article
  • Backlink 100% do follow
  • 1 url
  • Lifetime
Premium500,000.00 IDR / 25 USD
for 2 article
  • Backlink 100% do follow
  • 2 or 3 urls 
  • Lifetime

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How long will the article appear on our website?

1-2 days after the article in the form of Ms. word we receive. But you can also specify a specific time when the article will be published.

What Topics do we Accept?

We can accept almost all topics, except:

  1. Gambling
  2. Porn
  3. Provocation
  4. Hate Speech
  5. Comparison between religions
  6. Drugs & Food that is not yet official